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Intention is to /re/open for thinking and discussing old European civilizations, territories and lands, national and cultural entities, architecture, DNA, chromosomes, mixing and melting of people and cryptic art from the past. It is about known and forgotten stories about places and events and how to cut same material about "Old World" with different measure and design in mind.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Civilizations lost in European education
Children learn about history in schools. History is one of the humanitarian disciplines that put us and/or our societies in invisible but life-and beyond-long boundaries. Presenting and highlighting the past consists of two factors: selection and interpretation. I would love to write about interpretation. It is not to be although it is nice to dig into some petrified "thru facts" about for example WW II. Bad guys and good guys are well known. It is very important to recognize and deal with wrongdoing. Next level should be painting bigger and more precise picture. Germans are big nation, they are not exclusively Nazis. They are intellectuals, thinkers and peasants between other things (and they are society with significant ethical principals observing how they dealt with their past). French are big nation, too. They are not resistance they are Vichy between other things (and they are not happy to deal with that). Italians are not mild-art-children loving fascist with mandolins, they are cruel oppressors and adversaries between other things. Swedes are liberal northerners, but kind of liberals who shared Nazi industry profits and more. It is all very political and tempting. Selection is more important and less marked with passion one would believe. It is very important what history is for future generations. How come that on average it starts with some bison's in some caves, jumps to Egypt and Mesopotamia(first more than second), through Greece and ever important Rome and lands at your national doorstep. After Roman experience, it is well known throughout Europe, fundaments are laid. Is it not amazing and who said so?? We decided to strip our ancestors of many qualities. How their stories are presented today is neither correct nor self explanatory. To trash Neanderthals is usual stuff. They were strong people with big brains (proven).With certain rules and practices they would intentionally bury their own (proven).It is still speculators but most probably they had music, arts and magic in their lives. It was far in time, but we are learning more and knowing more each day and it is not leaking into school system. Neolithic cultures of Malta and Mycenae culture of today's Greece do not stand a chance. Nobody insists on their place and importance in development of our continent.Gigantja temples, stone carvings, Hypogeum, great Goddess cult are completely pushed aside. Is that because pyramids are so much more important?? Or Romans who built huge Empire, 60+mil people, technological revolution, reshaping of known world. Put on the side that they were brutes, conquering genocidal mercenaries, religiously eclectic people (that part is good because ready made Etruscan, Greek and Egyptian gods left some room for other wise nonexistent tolerance). They won and while walking that line everybody else was labeled Barbarian. How smart was that? Very. How correct is that? Not at all. And do we still follow fake lead? Vigorously and with conviction. Caesar was pompous, ambitious, deceitful, prone to bribery (proven) example...of what exactly for our children to admire?? Celts on the other hand were one of the great Prehistoric societies. (Today better known as titles on musical Cds and names of soccer clubs) I guess better something than nothing. They were neither a race nor a nation. It was an amalgam of tribes with common culture and variations of the same language. That is a nice sample of something....good. Take mitochondrial DNA studies, last 30 years (books written by Luca Cavalli Sforza, Bryan Sykes, Spencer Wells etc.). Genetically Europe is not what it is called and it is good. "Germans" and "Hungarians" are more "Slavs" than else and so on and on. All this classifications and names should be here to help us navigate through Eu history and territories. Some people will rejoice in discoveries that further you go in the past-it is all the same. It is proven that majority of Europeans can trace their origins within original Paleolithic population of the continent. Mass movements from fertile crescents never happened. Movements were and are happening all the time but not on romantic XIX ct scale we perceive them. And Slavs or whoever that was never jumped on horses and populated vast western territories. People mingle and mix, it is never one tribe it is always a chosen name. Today united Eu has economic backbone. Healthier for ones than for others. It is of utmost importance to show old things in new light. It is still hypocrisy that does not let people in charge to let more details out. More pride, knowledge and fulfillment future generations gain from these facts they will be more understanding and willing to find something in common with others. History does not repeat itself but people do. Shortage of detail is counterproductive and why would our children have that misfortune. It is so irresponsible and it is so clear.......


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