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Intention is to /re/open for thinking and discussing old European civilizations, territories and lands, national and cultural entities, architecture, DNA, chromosomes, mixing and melting of people and cryptic art from the past. It is about known and forgotten stories about places and events and how to cut same material about "Old World" with different measure and design in mind.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Ancient temples and Malta
Malta is an Mediterranean island known as a tourist destination or just another nice and sunny place. It is an island mainly made from Coralline Limestone (one built up from corals in some of geological phases and a very hard rock) or from Globigerina Limestone famous for its easy cutting. The last one easily splits into practical for building blocks. For that fact its been known and used since Megalithic times. We commonly like to start Maltese history with approximately 5000 B.C. and Neolithic. Thousand years later it became temple period, after that Bronze and Iron age came before becoming a part of better known worlds (Phoenician and Roman) Temple period is unique and fascinating. There are some 30 known temples on Malta. They all share general architectural idea or at least mutations and variations of imagined standard. In terms of engineering they were advanced or that is how we describe them. Surrogate for plaster was crushed Globigerina limestone material. Quarrying and importing the stone from various distances to future temple sites obviously went as predicted. How it was performed is highly speculator. We know they used ropes, levers and different types of rollers. What else and how we do not know. raising gigantic blocks is compared with "usual" Megalithic positioning in other places where they exist. Experiments were performed to explain technology behind chrome less and dolmen structures in Europe. They offer interesting comparative possibilities. Sculptures from the sites often present big woman (sitting, standing and lovely sleeping one not bigger than a soap dish). Temples and these figurines have a lot in common. In perception of shape and visual tracing your eye will involuntarily take you there. Architecturally it does not have to be proven, sane or even plausible. Pictogram of temple as a sign sticks with you. Following subconscious clues is not scientific but is there and is a gift. temple development goes ( in simple version) from huts through 3, 4 , and 5 straight to the "final plan"-6 apse temple. How and why these extensions cluster and group together is a mystery. No doubt there is a strong logic behind it. If nothing else-theological reasons. Unfortunately however understandable it may be it is not so for us at the present time and state of mind. Groups of temples gather together , too. This is only stating the obvious. and obvious is-how little we know. Malta should be treated with recognized importance and caution. It is one of less known links in European past. Temples stopped being used at the time when Egyptians started raising pyramids. It is a great point for tourist and it is a great pint for everybody to dwell on it. They stood there and served culture and religion that translated and transported parts of itself to civilizations to follow. It is part of our known world. There are many more or less undisturbed lines flowing from the "beginning". Darwin is not offering best approach when it comes to history of civilizations. There extinction is never final. Object find in situ, archeological interests, open mind,.... should open different gates. At some time story about pyramid and Orion started telling us more than Maltese temples and skies above them do. It is utterly fascinating and important to know about Ancient Egypt. Money , effort and trend made it possible. It as well may be that time is ripe for "new" trend.


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